Five reasons why every employer should have an effective employee handbook: 

  1. Limits electronic piracy, costly lawsuits, discrimination claims, and litigation.
  2. Discourages plaintiff attorneys, reduces exposure to employee lawsuits.
  3. Provides notice of human resources policies to your employees.
  4. To be super competitive with union contracts and union promises.
  5. An arbitration clause within your employee handbook helps keep you out of court.


Specifically, we address the following employment law issues:

  • Electronic Mail, the Internet, and data security. 
  • Union free policies and how to stay union free. 
  • How to reduce exposure to employment related lawsuits and charges.
  • Arbitration, mediation, and internal dispute resolution. 
  • Protection of your trade secrets. Non-competition agreements.
  • Employee health, safety, and environmental. 
  • Statute of limitations regarding employee claims and lawsuits.  


To get started on your new employee handbook: please send me your current handbook, employment policies, fringe benefit summaries, work rules, posted memorandums, and policy letters to:

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